Mini Wooden Hairbrush with Wooden Pins - ecoLiving

  • £6.45
Perfect travel size
119 x 38mm




Introducing our plastic-free eco-friendly mini hairbrush - the perfect size for kids and travel.

It's been handmade from 100% FSC-certified beechwood with wooden pins and a natural rubber cushion. And because it is plastic free, at the end of its brushing life, you can compost it. Or, throw it away where it will naturally and quickly biodegrade. 

We love the simple, beautiful design of this wooden hairbrush. The wooden pins are designed to massage your scalp and stimulate circulation. In addition, they are anti-static, perfectly rounded and carefully embedded in the rubber base. This helps prevent your hair from becoming entangled or breaking during brushing. There is one open pin hole at the bottom to allow airflow.


What Vera-Bee loves...

  • Plastic Free Hairbrush

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable at the end of its life

  • 100% vegan and sustainable materials

  • Saves countless plastic brushes going to landfill

  • Handmade in Germany

  • Made from FSC-certified wood