Nail Brush - Beech Wood with Natural Bristles

Beech Wood & Natural Tampico Fibre


Dimensions: 9.5cm x 3.8cm



This plastic-free Nail Brush with plant-based bristles will not shed microplastics into the environment. It's been handmade in Germany with 100% vegan and sustainable materials. The handle is made from sustainable beech wood while the bristles are crafted from natural Tampico fibre. All this means this nail brush is also 100% biodegradable. So, you can put it in your home compost bin once its brushing days are over. Though as it has been made to last, this will be a long time.

Using a nail brush not only removes dirt and germs from under your nails, it can help keep your nails in tip top condition. It gets rid of dead and damaged skin cells and encourages the production of new, healthy ones.

Great for kids, gardeners, builders, horse riders or anyone who enjoys the outdoors life. Brushing is also the perfect way to prep your nails before a manicure.

We love using an oil-based balm to massage into hands, nails and cuticles after using our Nail Brush.