Natural Jute Tote Bag



We love Turtle Bag’s range of ethically-sourced, plastic-free, reusable shopping bags. This is their Jute Tote Bag. Hard-wearing and beautifully hand-woven, they have been handmade in the Dinajpur area of rural Bangladesh from 100% natural fibres.


The perfect reusable shopping bag

This reusable jute bag will mean you'll never have to use a plastic bag again. Long-lasting and gorgeous to boot, we just love these bags. They have even been featured in Vogue.

We also stock Turtle Bags String Bags in Short-handled and Long-handled versions and their Produce Bags in both Netted and Un-Netted styles.



Materials: Jute is a naturally occurring fibre. It does not require any chemicals or fertilisers to grow and is 100% biodegradable. It is also a strong fibre and extremely long-lasting.

Size: 40cm x 40cm 

Colour: Natural jute with green & black stripes.


About Turtle Bags

Turtle Bags started creating their bags in 2001 in response to the lack of ethically-sourced reusable plastic-free shopping bags. Why the name Turtle Bags? One of the company’s main concerns is that when we eventually discard our plastic bags here in the UK, they travel along rivers and streams and eventually end up out at sea. Turtles venturing into UK waters encounter them, and are increasingly mistaking our rubbish as one of their favourite snacks, the jellyfish. The amount of Turtles now found dead with plastic bags inside of them is truly devastating. We have five different species of turtle which venture into British waters, most predominantly the Leatherback Turtle.  These creatures have been around for 100 million years, and are certainly worth protecting.  Try a Turtle Bag today and be part of the solution!


Our promise

All Vera-Bee packaging is made from 100% recyclable material and is completely plastic free. We reuse as much as possible including the off-cuts from our fabrics and packaging from our suppliers.