Natural Laundry Wash Powder Lavender - Planet Detox

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500 grams Paper Bag & Paper Tape

Natural product Handmade



This natural and effective laundry powder is sustainable and plastic-free. Lavender is naturally antibacterial and has antiseptic properties. It has a beautiful relaxing and clean scent. Lavender has long been know for its cleaning properties as well as its beautiful scent.

Planet Detox laundry powder can be used with a machine or hand washing.

Cleaning the natural way, but don't be fooled this washing powder works just as well as chemical commercial laundry powders.  We have put it to the test with Charlie's two small boys dirty washing and it works a treat!

Great for those with sensitive skins, babies, young children and those that don't want to wash their clothes in harsh chemicals, that can also cause damage not just to us but our waterways.

What we love

100% Natural
Effective cleaning
No synthetic fragrances, SLS or chemicals
Vegan & cruelty free
Great for sensitive skin, young children & babies
Easy to use

This powder comes packaged in Grease-proof Paper, Paper Bag and Biodegradable Paper Tape - Fully Recyclable & Compostable.

How to Use

Place 2-3 tablespoons of laundry wash straight into the washing machine drum. Set washing to chosen cycle.

Smaller quantities can be used for lighter loads & hand washing.


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Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is naturally antibacterial and antiseptic.


About Planet Detox

Planet Detox has developed a range of ethical cleaning products which have totally annihilated the need for any plastic packaging.

Our products are designed to provide excellent, powerful and effective cleaning without using any ingredients which will hurt you or our planet. We use minerals and essential oils in our products, which safely remove dirt, grime and odours and our ingredients are naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal.

Planet Detox is committed to finding solutions to our massively damaging plastics and chemical over-use. We keep our products as simple and safe as possible.


We believe in kindness - to ourselves, others, our planet and the many wonderful plants and creatures we share it with. Our aim is to gather together the very best plastic free, zero waste and eco-friendly products out there to give you a helping hand on your journey to being more sustainable.

We only use suppliers who, like us, are eco-friendly, plastic free and ethical. The bees at the Vera-Bee hive personally research and test each and every product and we only stock the things we really love and think you will love too. All our products are palm oil-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly (the only non-vegan products we stock are the Beeswax Wraps and Shade sunscreen which contain beeswax). All our packaging is recyclable and we reuse as much as possible, including packaging from our suppliers and off-cuts from our fabrics.

Let's all be perfectly imperfect together.