Natural Mineral Vegan Butter Sunscreen SPF50+ - Amazinc!

70ml Aluminium Tin


We are very excited to stock Amazinc's Mineral Butter Sunscreen 50+SPF the World's first natural, vegan & plastic-free sunscreen! It's water-resistant too! This gorgeous SPF butter is super-moisturising and offers protection against UVA and UVB rays. Even better, it's safe for marine life, corals and wildlife. Unlike chemical-containing commercial sun creams which are harmful to our fishy friends.

5* Star UV Rating - The UVA rating (also known as the star rating) is a measure of how much UVA is blocked. The scale goes from 0 to 5, with a 3- star cream blocking about 60% of the amount of UVA as UVB rays. Amazinc sun cream is 5-star.

Water resistant, this natural sunscreen is great for kids. And, because it uses only mineral filters and natural ingredients, you can use it safely on your baby too.

The pinkish colour of this natural butter blends with your skin to prevent the white tinge that some zinc oxide sunscreens can give you.


Plastic-Free Sunscreen

Better yet, this Mineral Butter Sunscreen is completely plastic free and comes packaged in a 100% recyclable & reusable aluminium tin. It's the perfect size to pop in our bag wherever you're heading and this sturdy little tub will take a lot of battering.

We also stock Amazinc!'s Mineral Sunscreen SPF50 which is a higher factor, cream version of this mineral sunscreen which comes in a recyclable aluminium bottle.

See video showing ease of application and the beautiful texture


What we love...

  • Plastic-free
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • SPF50+ Protection
  • 5* UVA Rating and UVA & UVB Protection
  • Coral and Marine Life Safe
  • Water Resistant
  • Suitable for babies 0+


100% Mineral Filters & Natural Ingredients

If you're like us, you want to know exactly what you are putting on yours and your family's skin and into your environment. Amazinc!'s Mineral Sunscreen contains only: 

Ingredients: Almond butter (Almond Oil, Olive Squalene, Hydrogenated Pistachio Oil), Mineral Shield LIGHT (Magnesium oxide, Zinc oxide, Mica143018), Vanila Planifolia fruit extract


Almond Oil

Softening and conditioning, almond oil helps an array of challenging skin problems including itchy and severely dry skin. It is light and penetrates the skin easily. Amazinc! cold-prep their oil from 100% pure almonds before winterising it. Light amber in colour, it possesses a characteristic nutty aroma.


Olive Oil & Olive Squalene

These are used as the base for creating the sunblock paste. The big advantage of olive oil is that it doesn’t dry out and combined with beeswax it creates the ultimate protection against dry skin. It is non-toxic and will not irritate the skin. Olive oil ensures that Amazinc! won't dry out, keeps its protective properties and significantly extends the expiration date of Amazinc! sunblocks. 


Hydrogenated Pistachio Oil

Pistachio oil is a potent antioxidant which helps the skin counteract the damage done by free radicals. These antioxidants help prevent the signs of premature ageing caused by free radicals including loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles.


Mineral Shield LIGHT (Zinc oxide – NON NANO, Magnesium oxide)

Amazinc! have used NON NANO zinc oxide in their sunblock as an active compound which provides mineral UV filters for the skin. NON NANO zinc oxide is very different to the NANO particles used in commercial sunscreens. NON NANO zinc oxide has been shown to cause no harm to marine and coral life whilst NANO zinc oxide poses a risk to both. Zinc oxide is even used to cure certain skin irritations due to its anti-virus capabilities, and it is both non-allergenic and non-toxic. 


Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract

Like pistachio oil, vanilla is rich in antioxidants so helps fight free radicals and signs of ageing caused by exposure to the sun. Furthermore, it has antibacterial properties and can be used to help speed up healing.


Why use a natural mineral sunscreen

Most commercial sun screens use substances that are dangerous for marine life, corals and wildlife in general. We think that it’s silly to poison our playgrounds, our mountains and our oceans with compounds that can harm it forever. Standard chemical sunscreens use substances like oxybenzone, that even in very low concentration harms marine life. They also contain NANO particles of zinc oxide or titanium oxide which aren’t any better. This sunscreen comes in a recyclable aluminium bottle too so you don't have to worry about plastic waste either. Yay!


What is oxybenzone and why you should care about it

Oxybenzone is a chemical compound and it is the most common chemical UV filter used in sunscreens today. According to EWG, oxybenzone is found in 80% of chemical sunscreens on the market and it is estimated to be detected in 96% of the American population. EWG rated oxybenzone 8/10 on toxicity rating. Translated to regular English: Oxybenzone is one of the most toxic ingredients in the cosmetic industry. Read more about mineral sunscreen and AmaZinc! here.