Natural Silk Dental Floss Refill- Bambaw

If you like to floss and want a dental floss that is plastic free, natural, biodegradable and zero waste, then this is for you. This is the refill for your stainless steel Bambaw dispenser - 2 x 50m of floss .


Plastic-Free Dental Floss

Most dental floss comes in a single-use plastic dispenser and the floss is made from plastic or nylon. This can take up to 500 years to degrade.

Bambaw make their plastic-free, zero waste dental floss from silk (with no harm to silkworms in the process) and coated with Candelilla wax, making it natural and biodegradable. The floss is flavoured with natural mint for a refreshing flossing experience.

You can use the refillable dispenser for years as it is made of sturdy stainless steel. It's also makes it ideal for travel or for when you are out and about.  See the Refillable Dispenser here.


Why Floss?

Flossing is essential in your daily dental care routine. It removes the bacteria that are the precursors of plaque. This can turn into tartar which you cannot remove with regular brushing or flossing. Flossing can also help to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay.


How to use

Gently pull out about 30cms of floss and roll the floss around your thumb to control the strength and position. Floss slowly between each tooth, reaching close to the gum line. Smile. Your teeth look gorgeous.

For a completely plastic-free, zero waste dental hygiene routine, have a look at our range of Ben & Anna toothpastes which come in Sensitive, Whitening and Charcoal. We also stock their mouthwash which comes in a glass bottle.



  • 2 x Refills
  • 2 x 50 meters of pure silk floss coated with candelilla wax and a fresh minty flavour
  • Plastic-free packaging