Olive Oil Soap Prickly Pear & Aloe Vera - Helleo

Organic Olive Oil Soap 


Handmade in Crete 


With Lavender, Pine, Ylang ylang & Patchouli Essential oils



These beautiful soap bars are handmade in Crete by Founder Manos who comes from a family of olive farmers, inheriting his own olive groves from his grandparents. He has continued to cultivate these olive trees in the natural way, with no pesticides, tilling or burning. But instead of focusing on selling the raw olive oil, Manos has developed the business to make soap from the quality olive oil he produces.

Perfect for delicate & sensitive skin this aloe vera soap contains only the gentlest ingredients soothing and altogether sublime.  Natural moisturising oils and nourishing aloe vera make it perfect for dry skin, post-swimming and after a day in the sun. 

Inspired by the warm climate of Crete, this therapeutic soap gives rich hydration to tired skin from the long exposure to the sun. The healing and regenerative properties of the "miracle plant" aloe vera, the antioxidant and soothing substances of the "upcoming cactus" prickly pear, the St. John’s wort’s healing, moisturising and disinfecting properties, and the blend of essential oils can offer a delightful bathing, especially after a long day under the sun.

Aloe Vera is a cactus-like plant known for its healing and medicinal properties. Its stems store water, creating a clear, gel-like substance in the leaves, which contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids. The gel from aloe has been used throughout history to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as burns, frostbite, psoriasis, and cold sores, research shows.

You won’t find even the smallest smidgen of palm oil, preservatives or sulphates in any of these Helleo soaps.  

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, coconut oil, st. John’s wort extract, aloe vera juice, prickly pear juice, pure essential oils: lavender, pine, ylang ylang, patchouli.

Weight: 120g

Packaging: Paper wrap