Olive Wood Soap Dish

  • £9.00

Made from Retired Olive Trees



This gorgeous unique Soap Dish has been made from retired Olive Trees that no longer produce olives. Skilfully hand-carved making each dish unique. Not only will not only look great in your bathroom or kitchen, it will keep your shampoo and soap bars dry and in tip-top condition. They can also be used in your kitchen, next to your sink.

This soap dish has water draining holes. Length approx. 17 cm Width approx. 9 cm Height approx 5 cm.

We also stock the Olive Wood Soap Dish in Oval & Rectangle Shapes.

Sustainable and Ethically Sourced

Handmade in Germany from retired olives trees.  Each dish has its own unique characteristics and vary in size & shape.

Vera-Bee Tip: You can label your soap dishes so you don't get muddled up with soaps, shampoos etc! 

We do a fantastic range of natural soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars, as well as botanical rinses for detangling and extra shine.

Please rinse a few times before use to remove some of the natural oils.


Vera-Bee’s Promise 🐝

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