Organic Floral Water Face Mist – Geranium

100ml Glass Bottle & Metal Lid

Made in Brighton, UK.



We are a bit obsessed with these beautiful Organic Floral Waters. They are handmade in small batches. The floral water is produced during distillation of organic essential oils. This gives them a delicious aroma and they are wonderfully hydrating. They are great for misting onto your face to hydrate and freshen during the day, as well as setting & refreshing your makeup. They are also a simple yet beautiful skin cleanser & toner. They can even be used as a natural light perfume! Our supplier NHR Organics based near us in Brighton, East Sussex are proud to offer the purest range of organic essential oils in the World.  They truly are the best!

Our batch of floral waters are made to order for us at Vera-Bee. We only hold a few of each in stock so they stay fresh.


Balancing Geranium

This Organic Geranium Floral Water is deeply uplifting and refreshing. Geranium soothes and balances hormones and skin while having a visibly regenerating effect. It is ideal for oily and problem skin/prone to blemishes as well as hormonal and menopausal skin.

We also stock these Organic Floral Waters in relaxing and soothing Lavender and nourishing and anti-ageing Rose.

How to use your floral water

You can use your organic floral waters in a variety of ways.

They are a pure, gentle and light way to scent the skin and the nourishing effects from the pure oil of the flowers will tone and hydrate. You can apply a to a reusable cotton pad to cleanse & tone the skin.

By adding an atomiser to the bottle or transferring to a spray bottle, you can spray a mist over the face and body to refresh you skin and provide a natural perfume. Use in the morning to help set your makeup, and refresh throughout the day.  They work great as a toner - these are Colette's @ Vera-Bee favourite way to tone the skin.   This is especially lovely in the evening as the lavender has a relaxing effect on your mind and body before you settle down to sleep.  They also work great as cooling sprays during pregnancy and for hot flushes.

We stock a 50ml spray bottle here so you can take your floral water face mist with you in your bag.


Vera-Bee’s Promise 🐝

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