Paper Tape Compostable - 24mm x 50m

The Recyclable, Biodegradable & Compostable Tape. Self-adhesive paper tape forms a strong, long lasting, highly adhesive bond.

Paper Tape is the eco-friendly plastic-free alternative to Sellotape. Vegan friendly and acid free.

We also have our own floral design paper tape - designed by us at Vera-Bee.

Use it just as you would Sellotape for wrapping presents, arts & crafts, sealing boxes, fixing things!

Regular Sellotape is made from plastic and does not break down for hundreds of years, it is non-recyclable and when left on cardboard boxes these then cannot be recycled without removing the Sellotape first.  But with paper tape which is super strong and what we use at Vera-Bee for securing your parcels is fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.  You can leave paper tape on boxes as the boxes and tape can be recycled.

We think Paper Tape looks much nicer on packages as well as with wrapping paper - especially brown paper & string! You don't need to remove the paper tape on cardboard or recyclable paper - it can all be recycled together! Imagine if everyone used paper tape instead of plastic sellotapes - this would cut out so much plastic from our planet, especially at Christmas Time.

Our paper tape is 24mm in width & 50 meters long.

Details: Paper Tape & Natural Vegan Rubber adhesive.

Make the change and you will never use Sellotape again!