Organic Cotton Hair Ties Black - Zero Waste Club

3 x hair ties in Black
Coloured using eco dyes
Organic cotton & sustainable natural rubber



Our Organic Cotton Hair Ties are perfect for keeping your hair out your face, or for styling it in buns, ponytails and plaits. They are plastic-free, 100% biodegradable and because they are made from 70% organic cotton, they won't pull or break your hair either. So they are great for kids too. The 30% natural, sustainable rubber means more elasticity, more durability and no folding or wriggling.

These hair ties also look great worn on your wrist, helping put a stop to the millions of plastic hair ties that are lost each year.

100% vegan, they do not contain any animal derivatives nor any unnatural substances.

At the end of their life, your hair ties can be chopped up and added to home compost as ‘brown’ material. Or you could chop them up and bury them under the ground!

Did you know?

Normal hair ties are not biodegradable. There are millions or possibly billions of hair ties that go missing each year - possibly to the Goddess of Hair Ties, possibly down the back of the sofa. Who knows. But wherever they go, they stay there. They do not decompose. They do, however, eventually break down into microplastics and other nasty things.

Zero Waste Club offset their carbon emissions and more by planting a tree for every item they sell. 


What we love...

  • 3 x  hair ties in a pack

  • Coloured using eco dyes

  • Made from organic cotton and sustainable natural rubber

  • One tree planted for every set sold

  • Handmade


70% organic cotton, 30% sustainable natural rubber.



100% recycled & recyclable unbleached kraft card printed with soy ink