Quick Wipes for Kids - For mucky hands, faces, bums & messes

  • £14.00
Lovingly handmade in the Vera-Bee Hive in West Sussex, our organic cotton flannel Quick Wipes for Kids are our reusable, earth-friendly alternative to baby wet wipes. Great for around the home and for taking with you on days out, they are one of our favourite products. Made from very soft organic cotton flannel fabric, they are perfect for wiping mucky hands, faces, bums and for cleaning up spills and messes. And, the great thing is they are designed to be washed and reused over and over again. You'll  never need to use a plastic wet wipe again. Our Quick Wipes for Kids come in sets of 12 and in three gorgeous organic cotton flannel designs: Pink Fox, Blue Bear, Yellow Fox or you can choose the Mixed pack with four of each design - great if you want to keep track of which wipes are used where. Don’t be fooled by its soft exterior, our Quick Wipes are made of tough stuff and are lightweight and super-absorbent. The edges are overlocked for durability and to prevent fraying.   "I created Quick Wipes for Kids as a replacement for commercial baby and wet wipes. Plastic wipes soaked in chemicals and packaged in more plastic? No, thanks. I love everything about these Quick Wipes. At mealtimes, I run a couple under water and put on the table for my boys. If I'm heading out I pop some wet ones in my Snack Bag. And, when I get home, I simply throw any dirty ones in the washing machine." - Charlie, Vera-Bee  

How to use your Quick Wipes for Kids

Our Quick Wipes for Kids are designed to be used wet or dry. Use dry to mop up messes or dampen under running water or in a bowl to clean faces, hands or bums. To use out and about, simply pop wet Quick Wipes in a tin, wax wrap or waterproof baggie (like these Eco Snack Bags) and take with you. Throw dirty Quick Wipes in the washing machine and they are ready for Round Two. And Three. And Four...  

Plastic Free & Zero Waste

Your reusable Quick Wipes will save you money as well as the planet. Not just a pretty face, your Quick Wipes will last you years, meaning you’ll save money on your weekly shopping bill by never having to buy single use wet wipes again. Yay!