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Handmade in Northampton, UK


Vegan Wrap Re-waxing Bar 20g




Keep your Vegan wraps going with the re-waxing bar. Repairing anything is much better for the planet than replacing it, so it’s great that you can give your wraps and bags a whole new lease of life and keep them going strong for much longer.

A little of this unique wax mix goes a long way so this bar will re-wax approximately

  • 4 Medium Wraps
  • or 3 Large Wraps
  • or 2 Sandwich and snack bags
  • or 2 Extra Large wraps

GoodToBee Vegan Re-Waxing Bars are infused with ethically sourced plant based vegan wax, damar tree resin and organic jojoba oil.


Refresh – for hard working wraps

If your wraps are working hard and looking a little sad then all they need is a little refresh. Try this!

1. Heat the iron to high and turn the steam function off and protect your ironing board with an old tea towel

2. Sandwiching the wrap between two layers of parchment paper

3. Iron slowly allowing the wax to melt

4. When ready, remove the top parchment paper and immediately lift the wrap by the corners (be careful, it will be hot!)

5. Waft until dry – approx. 15sec and leave to fully set for 10mins

Repeat as often as needed, usually every 3-4 months for hard working wraps

Note:  Always be careful with hot irons and hot wax. You can remove wax from graters etc. by running under very hot water. Wax on fingers is best removed with a little hand cream first and then wash as normal.