Recycled Newspaper Coloured Pencils

10 x Bright Coloured Colouring Pencils


Made from upcycled newspapers



These gorgeous Colouring Pencils are ethically made in Mumbai, India. They are part of a venture by a young female entrepreneur who had a vision to use up the cities newspaper waste and help local women at the same time. The project employs women and gives them a stable income, as well as a good working environment.

So these pencils are not only useful, perfect for creative expression, an innovative use of a waste material, but they’re also doing a lot of good- improving the lives of women in a country that is struggling to look after its 1 billion + citizens. They are cleverly made from old newspaper compressed and wrapped incredibly tightly around a coloured centre.

They work just like normal pencils and make a great unusual gift. They come wrapped as a set of Ten. Due to their recycled nature every pencil will be unique making this an even more special gift!

Made with newspaper waste that would have otherwise been put in landfill or burned.

Lasts longer and sharpens better than wooden pencils!

Non toxic food grade glue and dye materials.