Recycled Twine String

100% Recycled Twine - Made from waste materials

We love these balls of twine, great for wrapping brown paper parcels....tied up with string, these are a few of our favourite things! (We couldn't resist - sorry!)

But these are no ordinary balls of string, these are made of high strength recycled string, made from recycled yarns that would otherwise have gone to landfill.  And they come completely naked, no unnecessary packaging, which just makes sense

Perfect for wrapping Gifts, Crafts, making your own decorations, around the home or as garden twine.  I have used for tying up flowers to dry out, for wrapping gifts & as garden twine its's super strong and has so many uses completely plastic-free 100% recycled twine.

Colour of the string will vary.

Tip: If you use to wrap presents ask recipients to keep and reuse the string. If they are not going to reuse I kindly ask for it back just so it keeps being reused & does not end up in the bin. This string will last lots of uses. I have become known for this, my friends and family neatly fold and return wrapping to me. Colette @ Vera-Bee


45 m long recycled cotton string, in bright colours

Made in Switzerland.

Made with 100% recycled yarn. This recycled twine is made from waste material that would otherwise be discarded. It is a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres that have been saved from landfill.

If you would like a particular colour, please let us know in the comment box at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate.