Relax & Sleep Self-Care Gift Set

The ultimate relax, promote good sleep & self-care Gift Set


1 x Beauty Sleep Luxury Bath Salts


1 x Relax Lavender Bath Oil


1 x Soothing Lavender & Geranium Soap Bar


1 x Organic Lavender Body Butter


The perfect gift set for those that need some time out, help to sleep and love some self-care time. We have put together our favourite soothing & relaxing natural products to give that special someone a big virtual hug!


1 x Beauty Sleep Luxury Bath Salts - Natural, Vegan & Handmade

These luxurious bath salts are a mixture of pretty pink Himalayan rock salt and Epsom salt crystals which help to relieve muscle tension and soothe your skin. Add to that the beautiful blend of relaxing lavender oil, organic rose water & soothing clary sage. You simply won't want to get out of the bath.

A dreamy blend of herbal and floral essential oils help you relax and prepare to drift off, whilst natural salts soften your skin and soothe your muscles. Beauty Sleep is the perfect bedtime treat.


1 x Relax Lavender Bath Oil - Natural, Vegan & Handmade

A beautifully simple moisturising bath oil with lavender essential oil. This relaxing oil dissolves in your bath water releasing the divine lavender scent. You skin is gently moisturised and retains a light scent of lavender which promotes restful sleep. Almond and sunflower base oils are soothing, nourishing and perfect for dry or sensitive skin. We also love to rub a little of this oil directly on our skin before bed. Blissful.  


1 x Soothing Lavender & Geranium Soap Bar - Natural, Vegan & Handmade

Cleanse + Balance, use this soap for face, hands and body as part of your daily routine. Or treat yourself for those moments of self-care, if there was such a thing as a hug in a soap then this is it!

The essential oil blend Lavender and Geranium help calm and uplift the senses. Not only that...Lavender helps soothe & treat blemishes, it's naturally antibacterial whilst gentle enough for sensitive skin. Geranium is a hero ingredient it effectively removes dead skin cells, tightens the skin and promotes the regeneration of new skin. What's not to love!


1 x Organic Lavender Body Butter - Natural, Vegan & Organic

This organic body butter with Lavender is a soothing, calming, relaxing and rich treat for your skin.

It's an intensive moisturiser made with lashings of organic shea butter blended with organic extra virgin olive oil which is deeply nourishing, healing and moisturising. This buttery beauty from Heavenly Organics contains just three organic, natural ingredients. Nothing else. And absolutely no nasties!