DIY Reusable Glass Cleaning Product Bottle with Recipes - World Bottle

500ml amber glass bottle with trigger spray 



These fantastic World Bottles have made our lives so much easier when it comes to making our own cleaning products.

The World Bottle is a reusable cleaning product bottle made from at least 40% recycled glass. It has the measurements and ingredients for three DIY cleaning products printed directly on the side. These can be used all over your home, including your bathroom and kitchen. It couldn't be easier. All the recipes use natural ingredients that can be found packaged in glass or metal online or in the shops, minimising your plastic usage, harmful chemicals in your home and your shopping costs. What's not to love!

World Bottle proudly supports PLASTIC OCEANS, helping them solve the plastic pollution crisis.

For completely plastic-free cleaning, try using your DIY cleaners with our Loofco Cleaning Pad, Compostable Sponge Cloths or Heavy Duty Unsponges.


Why buy a World Bottle?

It's the last cleaning product bottle you'll ever need to buy.

Saves you buying thousands of plastic cleaning product bottles over your lifetime that could end up in landfill or the sea. 🐝

Making your own cleaning products is cheaper and more environmentally-friendly (you won't find anything harmful in these recipes). 🐝

World Bottle features the ingredients measured out for you on the bottle. Just fill each ingredient to the line and give it a good shake. 🐝


Features three recipes

All-purpose (including glass) 🐝

All-purpose (not glass) 🐝

Glass 🐝


What ingredients do I need & what do they do?

Rubbing Alcohol (or Vodka): Rubbing alcohol acts as an effective disinfectant.

Vinegar: Vinegar's acidity makes it a great cleaner. It can counteract icky buildups, dissolve away soap scum, brines left by hard water, and glue left behind by stickers.

Essential Oil: Each oil has it's own special powers. Choose your favourites. There is a great resource for using essential oils in your recipes here.

Liquid/Castile Soap: Soap is the foundation of all cleaners and also helps break down other soaps.

Water: Waters down the products and is the main ingredient in shop-bought products. Which is basically money down the drain!


About World Bottle

The idea for World Bottle was born while a terracotta kitchen floor was being scrubbed in Kent. While scrubbing the floor with a product marketed as 'eco friendly', the inventor wondered how eco friendly the plastic bottle would be when it was eaten by a whale in the not too distant future. So many cleaning products are packaged in single-use plastic and the majority of the formula is water, there must be a better way. They researched and tested loads of DIY recipes and started to mark the quantities on the sides of bottles. And, thus, the idea for the World Bottle was born.

Vera-Bee's Promise 🐝

We believe in kindness - to ourselves, others, our planet and the many wonderful plants and creatures we share it with. Our aim is to gather together the very best plastic free, zero waste and eco-friendly products out there to give you a helping hand on your journey to being more sustainable.

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