Reusable Ticking Cotton Fabric Gift Bags by Vera-Bee - Set of 2

Large: 27cm (h) x 22cm (w)


Small: 22cm (h) x 17cm (w)


Natural twine tie included


100% Cotton Ticking Fabric


Handmade in the Vera-Bee Hive, West Sussex




Wrap your Christmas presents in style with our reusable ticking fabric gift bag!  The gift bag can keep being reused as wrapping or as a beautiful storage bag at home.

Not only do these look beautiful they help reduce waste. Use instead of wrapping paper, much of which is non-recyclable and inevitably comes wrapped in single-use plastic.  These bags can be reused year after year and they make great pots with the tops rolled down for storing items such as keys, hairbands, hair-clips...

Our Fabric Bags are also available to buy separately.


Get Creative

Our gift bags come with natural twine and you can add decorations like a pine cone, cinnamon stick, dried orange slices or a Christmas bauble! We have photographed with some decorations to inspire you. 



Fabric: Made from 100% Ticking Fabric (Cotton) this fabric has a lovely weight to it and holds its shape like canvas.

Size Small: Height 22cm x Width 17cm

Size Large: Height 27cm x Width 22cm

Comes with natural twine to tie up the top of the bags.

Size Small will fit a 100g jar & 100ml bottle or 4 soap bars or 1 shampoo bar and a jar of conditioner.  Size Large will fit a Large jar, a 100ml bottle and 100g jar. You can also stack items on top of each other in the bags. See pictures in the gallery for size.