Sea Grass Traditional Basket - Green & Natural

35cm x 35cm x 32cm


Sustainably sourced & hand crafted in Vietnam




These beautiful sea grass baskets are traditionally used throughout Vietnam and Cambodia and make a great plastic-free storage solution.

We love their timeless charm and simple design. Sea grass is hard-wearing and water-resistant which makes it the stylish solution for your home storage. These tactile baskets also fold away neatly making them easy to store.

Sustainably sourced in Vietnam, they are handmade and 100% biodegradable meaning no plastic waste for you to dispose of.

You will find these sea grass baskets have endless uses around the home. They look lovely housing a house plant, for laundry, throws/blankets, toys, or kitchen utensils.

We think they are a thoughtful gift for new parents to keep all their newborn essentials in one place without using plastic.


Why choose Sea Grass Baskets?

  • 100% biodegradable - at the end of their life they will break back down into the soil.
  • Sea grass is highly-durable & water resistant.
  • Fold neatly away for tidy compact storage when not in use - you can stack multiple baskets into each other for space saving.
  • Stylish. Sustainable. Natural.
  • Plastic-free storage.
  • Lightweight and resistant to stains too!