Sensitive Olive Oil Soap Bar - Wild Sage & Co

 100 grams

Plain, Simple + Pure

Show your sensitive side with this extra mild, unperfumed soap made from just two ingredients, Olive oil + Water.

Use all over to relax in simplicity olive oil. If your skin is easily irritated, then this is the soap for you. It's so gentle, it can be used by infants and children. And, it's an easy plastic-free swap to replace plastic bottled body wash, shower gel and hand wash.

Olive Oil is beautifully cleansing and conditioning. This olive oil soap bar can be used by the whole family as a hand, face and body wash, but it is especially good for washing your baby or little one's skin and hair. It can even help to soothe cradle cap. And it's not only kind to your skin, it's kind to the environment too. 


Beneficial Ingredients

In this soap, Olive oil draws external moisture to the skin by forming a breathable film that allows skin to release its natural oil. It is particularly effective for soothing inflamed, itchy and dry skin.

With a high content of vitamin E, an antioxidant skin nutrient, olive oil helps to reduce the signs of ageing by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

By adding no essential oils we’ve created a simple, no fuss soap that is perfect for use on more sensitive skin



Looking after your natural soap

These handmade 100% natural soaps have no chemical preservatives so they deserve a little bit of attention to keep them fresh and prolong their lives. All of our soaps have a high percentage of natural glycerine (a by product of traditional handmade soaps). Great for your skin as its incredibly moisturising but it also attracts water. Therefore, it's really important to keep your soap somewhere dry.

 When you are not using your natural soap, it's best to keep it out of water and on a well-drained surface so it can completely dry between uses. Using a wooden soap dish with open slats means air can circulate underneath where water can collect. We have a range of sustainable wood soap dishes for you to choose from. Or you could get creative and use a few pebbles on a small dish to create the same effect. Plus this looks pretty too. Treating your soap like this will make it last for as long as possible.



Olive Oil (Sodium Olivate Pomace)
Water (Aqua)

*(Naturally occurring in the soap making process)

Each soap bar weighs at least 1oo grams.

Handmade in the Wild Sage Cottage, Hertfordshire.


About Wild Sage & Co

Wild Sage and Co is a family run business nestled in the valleys of the river Wye. From our countryside cottage, we create cold processed soaps, skin loving balms and all natural skin care. We also grow lots of the herbs that make their way into our products in our garden. Our products are based on our own home made remedies, tried and tested throughout the years on family and friends.

After years of making our own home cleaning products, we decided to step into the world of soap making. Our story began in a small cabin outside of Bristol, with oats, honey and nervous anticipation. As our cupboards grew to burst with more soap than we knew what to do with, we decided to take our products to market. Touting our commitment to simple beauty regimes up and down the country, Wild Sage was born, always with our ethos in mind that skin care should be simple and derived from ingredients found in nature.