Chamomile Shampoo Bar for Blonde Hair – Bain & Savon

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130 grams


Handmade in the Cumbrian countryside



These solid shampoo bars are the natural way to beautiful, shiny hair. This one features a double dose of scalp-soothing chamomile which is also a gentle hair lightener. It has been formulated with lots of lovely sunflower oil , shea butter and extra virgin olive oil infused with home-grown lavender.

Hand-crafted using the cold process soap-making method in the Cumbrian countryside, these shampoo bars are free from preservatives and SLS. They only contain 100% natural ingredients, are vegan, cruelty-free and never contain palm oil.

Our shampoo bars are the plastic-free alternative to commercial shampoo. Free from chemicals, they come beautifully wrapped in paper and a card box.


Some tips for switching to shampoo/conditioner bars...

"When we started our plastic-free journey, our bathrooms were, like most peoples, full of plastic bottles. Switching to shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and soaps instead of commercial shampoos, conditioners and shower gels was a no-brainer.

However, like us, you might find you have to go through a bit of a transition period when switching to shampoo bars. Your hair may feel slightly tacky after washing to begin with, especially if it is long and thick. Please don't give up after one or two washes. It can take up to two weeks for you to rid your hair of the build-up of chemicals left over by commercial shampoos and conditioners. And, we promise you, if you persevere, you will be rewarded with the healthiest hair of your life.

There are a couple of things you can do to make things easier when switching to shampoo bars. Before using your shampoo bar for the first time, try giving your hair a baking soda cleanse to remove any chemical and product build-up. Just mix a few teaspoons of baking soda with a pint of water and pour over your hair while massaging in. Then rinse. This will unclog the pores that have been coated in silicone and synthetic waxes, allowing them to breathe and release the natural sebum."

Charlie & Colette, Vera-Bee


We also stock Botanical Hair Rinses for Normal/Oily and Dry hair which are a combination of apple cider vinegar and botanical oils. These will add shine and also get rid of any leftover soap, grease and product residue. Pour into an aluminium spray bottle and, after using your shampoo bar, spray liberally onto hair and massage/comb through from roots to tips. Leave on for about 20 seconds and then rinse out. Important: Vinegar scent will disappear as hair dries.

Our Conditioner Bars for Normal and Dry hair can also be used after shampooing or just through the ends of your hair.


How to use your shampoo bar

Comb out dry hair before shampooing. Do not miss this step, especially if you use styling products.

Wet shampoo bar and lather in hands, before applying lather to hair. Or alternatively rub shampoo bar directly onto hair and lather well (this works well for me with my mid/long length hair). It is very important is to lather the soap up really well, and to use lots of lather when washing your hair. You need to work the shampoo into your hair with water so that you wash away the dirt and extra oils not needed by your hair.

If you are used to using normal commercial shampoo and shampoo twice, you will notice that the second wash produces a lot more lather. The first wash is mixing with the dirt and excess oil in your hair so the second wash is working on cleaner hair. The same is true for our shampoo bars. So lather up, once or twice.

Rinse out thoroughly.



ORGANIC Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil)
Sodium Castorate (Cold Pressed Castor Oil)
ORGANIC Sodium Cocoate (Cocoa Seed Butter)
Sodium Sunflowerate (Sunflower Oil)
Sodium Jojobaerate (Jojoba Oil)
Glycerine (Naturally occurring in the soap making process)
Chamaemelum Nobile (Chamomile Flowers)
Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Essential Oil

Handmade in the Cumbrian countryside.


About Bain & Savon

Bain & Savon are a small artisan family-run soap company working making natural handmade soap, shampoo bars and skin care in the beautiful county of Cumbria.  They first started making bath and body products in 2002 for friends and family. It grew from there.

They believe that the products they make should be good for us and the environment.  That's why they package all of their products in fully recyclable packaging.  NO MORE PLASTIC BOTTLES OR WRAPPING WHATSOEVER. Bain & Savon use cellulose to wrap their bath bombs and soaps in. This is made from annually renewable corn/potato starch that has been accredited biodegradable & compostable to 'BS EN 13432' and 'OK Compost' and also approved for Anaerobic digestion (ISO 15985) & Marine biodegradation ASTM D6691-09. The film has also tested to ensure that once composted there are no adverse effects on the plant growth.

The fresh smell of their products is from the 100% pure essential oils and the natural colours come from the herbs and plants they use. Some of which they grow in their walled vegetable garden.