Soda Crystals Concentrated- 500g



Concentrated soda crystals (almost three times as active as traditional water-containing soda crystals) in a kraft paper bag.

Soda Crystals have been used for years they truly are a must have cleaning product!

There are so many uses:

Clean sinks and drains, unblocks drains, removes grease and odours.

Add to your washing machine to soften hard water and remove stains. Reduce the amount of detergent powder required by adding 25g-50g (depending on the water hardness) of Soda Crystals directly to the detergent drawer and add detergent at the level recommended for soft

Clean kitchen surfaces, cuts through grease on cookers, work tops, oven hobs, extractor hoods and filters or to clean dirty floor tiles.

Remove moss from paths and patios by sprinkling Soda Crystals liberally over
the affected area. Sprinkle water to wet the crystals and leave mixture for a day
or so, then simply sweep away the moss. Use a strong, hot solution to degrease

No petrochemicals.
Suitable for use in septic tanks.
Plastic free packaging.
Low carbon footprint.



Made out of common raw materials (chalk, salt)



Made and packaged in Western Europe. Double-thickness Kraft bag with a plant-based watertight film.