Soothing Deodorant Balm - Vemel

Coconut Oil, Primrose Extract & Oat Colloidal


30g glass jar with aluminium lid

A truly natural, family friendly, aluminium free deodorant that absorbs natural perspiration whilst gently nourishing your skin throughout the day. Our gentle yet effective formulation combines antibacterial and soothing coconut oil with perspiration absorbing oat colloidal and arrowroot to provide all-day odour protection.  


What's in it?

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Our skin saviour! Multitasking antibacterial oil made up of nourishing fats which are great for repairing and soothing your ski’s natural barrier. We only use cold pressed virgin oil in order to benefit from the nutrients coconut’s offer.

Organic Evening Primrose Extract: Antibacterial botanical secret. Superior antimicrobial extract that effectively neutralises the bacteria on the skin responsible for odour. Used topically it soothes and moistures your skin.

Organic Oat Colloidal: The calming powder that instantly soothes. From cleanser to gentle skin polisher, deeply moisturising and soothing, colloidal oat will help restore skin firmness by forming a protective barrier to hold in moisture. An excellent scrub for even the most sensitive of skins.