Squeaky Clean Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner - MACK

Contains 2 x 8g biopods



Squeaky Clean is an eco-friendly, plastic free Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner which comes as a water-soluble biopod. Take the cleaners to the cleaner with this lemon-scented BioPod designed to give your not so clean machines an internal. Enzymes and our million little helpers operate on a molecular level, cleaning and ingesting grease and grime with the added benefit of cleaning the pipes too.

Squeaky Clean is eco-friendly, vegan and plastic free. It completely biodegrades, is harmless to everything and has zero environmental legacy. pH neutral and pet, planet and people safe. 

The Squeaky Clean Pack contains 2 x Biopods - so you can use for your washing machine & the other for your dishwasher. Or keep one in reserve for regular maintenance of your washing machine.

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The future of eco-friendly cleaning

MACK products were originally designed for cleaning commercial settings, where high performance and good value is essential. In addition to this, many businesses need to reduce their environmental impact and MACK has been able to address all three of these requirements.  All MACK products have been commercially proven in the most demanding environments.

Whilst MACK is still working in the commercial sector, it is now on a mission to make the MACK range a part of everyone’s domestic cleaning regime.


How do biotech cleaning products work?

Get your lab coat with lots of pens in the top pocket. The initial clean is mainly done by fermentation extracts, enzymes and green surfactants. Fermentation extracts are produced by bacteria and added into MACK products to give that immediate cleaning action. Their highly biodegradable actives instantly lift dirt, oil or grease and grime from the surfaces.

Simultaneously, MACK's lab made fermentation extracts break down dirt and grime making them even easier to dissolve in water. Finally, their natural bacteria digest the newly dissolved grime, which eliminates residual odours and they continue cleaning days after the initial clean. MACK call them ‘a million little helpers’.

It is important to note that many traditional cleaners, which contain chemicals, will kill the bio film that has built up. As a result, it is important, once you start, to remember to ‘Keep It MACK!’


How to use Squeaky Clean Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner

Simply pop into your empty appliance and run a wash cycle and let Squeaky Clean get to work. Use as part of your regular maintenance regime, you domestic engineers! We have found putting the sachet in the washing machine drum ensures it dissolves fully. Some washing machines don't release enough water into the laundry drawer to dissolve the sachet full. So if you do put in the drawer you may need to run 2 cycles. 



Sugar <90%: Enzyme <2%; Precipitated Silica <5%; Fragrance <1%; Gram Positive Bacteria <1%


Plastic Free Packaging

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