Stainless Steel Straws – Pack of Five


Pack of 5 Stainless Steel Straws with a vegan cleaning brush and organic cotton bag


Say goodbye to single-use, plastic straws forever with this handy pack of five reusable, stainless steel, drinking straws. They come packed in a 100% organic cotton GOTS-certified carry pouch with a plastic-free cleaning brush. The perfect set to keep in your bag.


Why you'll love them...

Dishwasher safe 
Stainless steel so will last you forever  
Anti-slip grooves on neck for increased grip  
Angled for easier use 
Five in a pack  
High-quality. plastic-free. vegan. plant-bristle pipe cleaner included 
Organic cotton GOTS-certified carry pouch, lovingly hand-packed making it perfect for gifts. 


Plastic-Free Straws Forever 

Did you know? One billion plastic straws are used every day around the world. On average, we will only use a disposable straws for 20 minutes but it can take up to 500 years to degrade.   

It really can be this easy to reduce plastic in our lives. Using stainless steel straws can encourage others to do the same. And, start conversations about what simple changes we can make that are better for our health and the environment.