Stainless Steel Washing Up Bowl - Elephant Box

Stainless Steel Washing Up Bowl - 100% Plastic Free!


A fabulous stainless steel washing up bowl made from premium 304 grade stainless steel - clean, hygienic, strong and stylish; for people who want something pleasing to use, & that will last forever. 

There are definitely two camps when in comes to washing up bowls, either you can't imagine not having one or you simply don't see the point.  Well Charlie is definitely in the first camp and Colette in the latter.  When Charlie needed a new washing up bowl Colette was sent on a mission to find a plastic-free version - and voila! The only washing up bowl you will ever need.

The brushed steel finish will look good in any kitchen & the large 10 litre capacity will fit 10 inch plates, plus all those pots and pans that need cleaning!

It will fit modern, butler or farmhouse style sinks and its large flattened rim makes it easy to handle - great for washing dishes, spring cleaning or getting the veg from the allotment clean!




  • Flattened rim around the top for easy handling
  • Won’t rust, stain or split; made to last a lifetime
  • Won’t degrade or discolour like plastic
  • Responsibly made

    Capacity - 10 litres

    Size - L 364mm x W 314mm x H 150mm

    Weight - 877g

    Measurements include the 18mm lip that runs around the edge of the bowl.


    ** Please note that the bowl may scratch Belfast or enamel sinks **