Travel Soap Tin Stainless Steel - Wild Sage & Co

Size: 102mm × 102mm × 41mm


Stainless Steel


We love this Soap Case made from stainless steel. As you may know, we are huge fans of cold-pressed, natural soap bars at Vera-Bee. So, anything that means we can take them with us wherever we go, was always going to be a winner.

The tin comes lined with a layer of wood wool, which allows your soap to drain in between uses.

100% plastic free, this useful Soap Case is also fair trade. It fits all sizes of soap bars. And, it's spacious enough that you can even pop your Natural Ramie or Sisal Soap Bag inside too. So, now nothing needs to stand between you and sustainable showering and hand washing, even when you are on the move.

Perfect for holidays, travelling and the gym. Or, if you are like us and like to use your own soap when you are out and about, just pop it in your bag.

To ensure that you enjoy your soap case for as long as possible, we recommend that you store it in a dry space.