The Upcycled Coffee Sack Heavy Duty Sponge Squeeze - Rowen Stillwater

  • £6.25


Each sponge is approximately 12cm x 8cm

Handmade in Britain

Heavy Duty Plastic-Free Coffee Sponge


Hooray! One of our favourites, Rowan Stillwater, has graced us with this tough little addition to her Unsponge range.


The Coffee Sponge is a heavy-duty, reusable, sustainable, zero waste kitchen scrubber made from recycled fair trade coffee sacks.


The Coffee Sponge  is the plastic-free alternative to disposable, plastic sponges. Perfect for eco-friendly cleaning and your zero waste home, they are 100% natural, fully biodegradable and home compostable. And, once it gets dirty, you can throw your Coffee Sponge in the wash and use it over and over again.


Each sponge is handmade from the hard wearing fabric of a coffee sack that has reached the end of its journey. The tough jute top is stitched to a canvas liner and pure cotton back before being filled with a sponge-like cellulose core and finished with a woven label - ready to tackle your kitchen, bathroom or any tough job you need it for.


All New & Improved (November 2019) Squeeze sponges are the brand new and updated heavy duty sponge. The centre is our new sponge-like cellulose core which brings a whole host of new features that we think you'll love. If you like your washing-up foam these are the ones for you:

    • Super Flexible

    • Foaming

    • Quick drying

    • 100% Plant Based

    • Home Compostable

    • Handmade

These heavy duty Unsponges are 100% natural, fully biodegradable and home compostable.


We also stock the Heavy Duty Unsponge in Natural Hessian and a regular Unsponge for everyday washing up which are made from 100% cotton canvas with a waffle base. They come in a beautiful Winter Leaf pattern. They are the perfect companion to our Dishwashing Soap Bar.


Upcycling at it's best

Rowan Stillwater has made this heavy duty version from upcycled hard-wearing coffee sacks, that have reached the end of their coffee-carrying life. We love upcycling - it's one of the best ways to be more sustainable. It's all ready to tackle your kitchen, bathroom or any tough job you need it for.


'This is such an easy swap for when your current sponge needs replacing. Did you know sponges contain plastic? This means every time you do your washing up or rinse your sponge, you wash micro-plastics down the sink. From here, they can enter our oceans and get back into our water systems. What's more, a year's worth of discarded sponges from one household can take up landfill space for upwards of 52,000 years! So, I'm so happy we are stocking these beautiful, sustainable and plastic-free Unsponges by Rowen Stillwater. They are plastic-free and can be thrown in the wash to be used over and over again. I hope you enjoy."
Charlie @ Vera-Bee.


Your unique Coffee Sponge™

Around 60% of the Coffee Sponges feature a plain hessian top. The remaining 40% have part of the logo or insignia of the company who shipped the coffee. Some of these are colourful, some a stark black imprint, some are permanent over time and some wear away as you wash and use them. Which one will you get? You'll have to unbox it to see!


Caring for your Coffee Sponge™

To keep your Coffee Sponge fresh and ready for use, always wring it out after use. And because it is made from 100% natural materials, you can wash it with your towels or freshen it in your regular wash. Once a week will keep it in tip-top condition. Some of you like to sterilise them with a quick blast in the microwave.


Time to say goodbye

When your sponge has reached the end of it's scrubbing life (normally around 4 months), you can cut it up and compost it or post it in a rag bank for recycling.