Vitamin Rich Face Butter - Vemel


Apricot, Sea Buckthorn & Carrot Extract


50g glass jar with aluminium lid


The instant vitamin boost that your skin craves. Blended with collagen boosting Sea Buckthorn and antioxidant rich Carrot extract our ultra moisturising butter will target the visible signs of ageing to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion. 


What's in it?


Organic Apricot Oil: Revitalising vitamin boost. Abundant with vitamins A & E which promotes healthy skin cell production, working deep within the skin’s layers. Vitamin E is soothing and a great anti-inflammatory; nourishing your skin cells whilst promoting healthy ageing. Apricot oil has excellent restorative properties.

Organic Argan Oil: Superfood Extreme for every skin type including acne-prone. Natural source of lipid called Squalane, a powerful anti-aging ingredient that boosts hydration, encourages cell regeneration and prevents the loss of moisture. Rich in vitamin E and carotene, Argan is an easily absorbed oil that helps to regulate sebum production and fight acne.

Organic Sea Buckthorn Extract: The superfruit superstar for a bright and glowing complexion. A deeply moisturizing pulp extract with bio-actives and fatty acids to boost collagen production for firmer-feeling skin. Bursting with vitamins and minerals, great for brightening and reducing signs of age spots as well as fighting acne. Skin hydrating, health inspiring.