Wonder Balm - Vemel

  • £35.00

Calendula, Chamomile & Arctic Oat


60g glass jar with aluminium lid




This wonder balm is a true hero. Calming Chamomile meets regenerating Arctic Oat and healing Calendula, creating a powerful organic blend for any family’s skin emergencies. This skin loving, nourishing balm was inspired by a desire to fight dry skin conditions like eczema but also for ultimate head to toe smooth and soft skin.  


What's in it?


Organic Chamomile Extract: Natures remarkable soothing plant! Versatile healing oil steps in to calm and soothe any dry and irritated skin. Full of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, packed with antioxidants, chamomile will lighten discolorations and accelerate skin and tissues regeneration.

Organic Arctic Oat Extract: Superior ingredient for the delicate care of sensitive skin. Organically grown in the extreme climate of Finland this nutrient enriched Oat variety provides a perfect combination of vitamin E compounds and fatty acids dedicated to sooth, regenerate and hydrate your skin.

Organic Chickweed Oil: Our secret weapon for immediate relief. An excellent natural remedy for the immediate relief of nettle burns, insect bites and itchy skin conditions. This powerful infusion has also been used traditionally to treat minor wounds and burns.