Wooden Bowl & Spoon - Heavenly Organics


Handmade from Sustainable Mango Wood


Diameter 10cm Height 6cm


These beautiful bowls are handcrafted by artisans using sustainable mango wood.  They are the perfect size for mixing your face masks.  They come with a matching wooden spoon.

These specially made bowls are food/skin safe. They are especially useful if you use our powder face masks as these cannot be used with metal bowls or spoons as they react with the clay reducing most of its healing properties.

Please hand wash before the first use to remove any residue.


How to care for your bowl

Hand wash (not dishwasher safe) after each use with warm soapy water, rinse and dry immediately.  Don’t soak your bowl in water or leave to dry naturally as this could lead to it cracking or warping.  Do not put the bowl in a fridge.  Occasionally wiping your bowl with a vegetable oil will give it extra love and care.